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This organization addresses the propensity of South Asian community to Heart disease, researches the issue, and provides solutions and prevention resources

Leader in Training at Camp Bizsmart

Camp Bizsmart which hosts camps across the world, and locally in the Bay Area at Stanford University and Santa Clara University is an educational camp meant to enlighten mind about the business world

Its purpose is to solve real-life business problems from innovative companies.

Experience team-based competition in a supportive environment.

Learn directly from successful executives.

Named one of the most unique camps in the U.S. by CNN Money.

Gain valuable Real-world skills.


SHFB is the trusted leader dedicated to ending local hunger

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PVM Puttaveeramma Ashram

Assisted Parents in funding ventures for this organization where an 87 year old woman picked up deaf, mute, and orphan girls from garbage and aimed to help them survive in the normal world.

Use of computers to enable them to take on technical and educated jobs.

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